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“Latex, sticky fluid seeping through cuts on the bark of rubber(Hevea brasiliensis) grown in the Malayan Peninsula, whose specific gravity is 98%, contains water 60%, rubber 35%, protein 2%, soap-fatty acid-sterol and etc, 1%, sugar 1%, non-orgar materials 0.4%, enzyme and etc.”


Over 90% of Latex in the world is produced in South-East Asia with Thailand Taking up about 40%, and Malaysia about 30% 


Elasticity Characteristical To Latex 

Its excellent elasticity means its excellent resilience. Though crumpled or pressed hard, it completely comes back to its original shape. This elasticity of latex, when used as a mattress, props the human body in an ergonomically balanced manner along the lines of the body.

Superior Ventilation

Latex having 0.25 million air cells per cubic inch is excellent at air ventilation permeability. Air cells in the form of a honeycomb ventilation air on its own, absorbing & exuding sweats during sleep. Independent propping structure & buffeting function of these air cells perfec observe a bedmate’s movement, so one can have unhindered sleep.

Excellent anti-bacterial ability

Latex bedclothes is made of structure & material, where mites can’t dwell, therefore the products are said to have sanitizing & anti-bacterial function. Experiments have proved that the antibiosis of latex material & structure is over 99%.

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